Welcome to The Saint Screen Blog!  Launched in 2009 by former Screen Section Editor Katie Meyer, the blog keeps readers informed about local, independent and international cinema–and allows Screen writers to practice–between issues of The Saint, the University of St Andrews’ student newspaper.  In the last year, over six St Andrews students attended local and international festivals in the UK and Europe for the blog, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Venice, London and Rotterdam .  Scroll down for more on The Saint’s film writers:

Ross Dickie

Ross is going into his fourth year at the University of St Andrews and is The Saint’s new Screen Editor for the 2010-2011 academic year.  He looks forward to continuing to expand the blog Katie set up, whilst sending more writers to festivals, as well as covering them himself.  He recently attended the Glasgow and Edinburgh film festivals for both the blog and the paper.

Katie Meyer

The editor of the section 2009/2010, Katie just finished her final year at St Andrews studying English and Film. She was also Screen Editor in her second year, during which she attended the London International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival for the paper. She created this blog to create more space for her team to practice writing and gain online experience, and has so far sent six writers to five different festivals this year (The London International Film Festival, The Rotterdam International Film Festival, and The Glasgow International Film Festival, as well as Half Cut and Screentest). She’s really interested in online cinema and mash-ups, and writes a column on the subjects for the blog.  She loves film and independent cinema, and hopes that through the blog some of that interest will rub off on you.

James Williamson

James joined The Saint at the beginning of last year and is now entering his final year at St. Andrews studying for Mediaeval History and English Joint Honours. His taste in film is eclectic, although he does particularly admire the works of David Lean and Akira Kurosawa. He enjoys reading scathing reviews of bad films.  This summer he covered The Edinburgh International Film Festival with Ross.

Flossie Topping

Flossie is in her fourth year at St Andrews studying Film Studies and Social Anthropology. She has been writing for The Saint for a couple of years and during this time has attended film festivals around the world including Rotterdam International Film Festival in January and recently Venice Film Festival, reporting for the blog and the paper. She’s interested in independent cinema and hopes that reading her reviews will spur more adventurous cinema going.


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