Happy Few

Another film competing for the Golden Lion is Happy Few, French romantic drama by Antony Cordier. The plot is simple, two married couples meet each other and become friends but they feel a strong attraction towards one another’s partners. The couples agree to sleep with their other halves, understanding that it won’t lead to anything serious. Since both the couples have children the sexual exploits have to be in secret. Inevitably emotions become involved and the situation becomes very difficult with a dramatic outcome. I won’t spoil it.

I found the film intense and exciting, well acted and well written, but in parts un peu unbelievable! For example in one scene Franck and Teri are lying on the sofa, having just had sex, and Teri’s husband Vincent walks in and doesn’t bat an eyelid. Then Franck says that he can only have sex if the furniture has been moved because he believes Feng Sui makes for better lovin. Then all four lovers have a lot of sex in a big pile of flour, in a barn, and then jump in the river. I was a little bemused. In my opinion, not a contender for le grand prix.

-Flossie Topping


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