The Saint goes to the Venice International Film Festival!

The 67th Venice International Film Festival officially opened this evening with the world premiere of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. The much anticipated thriller from the former Golden Lion winner stars Natalie Portman as a dancer in the New York ballet and Vincent Cassel as the choreographer pushing her to her psychological limits. The director has described his latest project as not a huge leap away from his last, The Wrestler, as both contain the same dramatic, competitive spirit. There is a great buzz around the film as it promises to uncover the dark secrets of the ballet company. Watch the trailer here, review to follow.

Tonight I will be going to a midnight screening of Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, a ‘mexploitation’ grindhouse styled action romp, starring Danny Trejo as a hitman taking down the bad guys.

In a press conference earlier today Rodriguez was asked if he ever takes off his cowboy hat, to which he replied ‘No. The hat stays on’. This film is a done in a style that suits Rodriguez and thus, I have great expectations for Machete.

-Flossie Topping


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