The results are in!

With a total of seven nominations and three wins including Best Documentary, Reaching Albion took home the well deserved Best Film Award. The documentary explores the lives of impoverished and displaced people in Calais. As the filmmakers were not able to be here at Screentest tonight, the director’s father, who served as a translator during filming, accepted on their behalf. Also nominated for Best Film, and in the running for many other awards as well, were Who’s Afraid of the Water Sprite?, Foxes in the Underground, Partir, and Smog. The Audience Choice Award was given to the winner for Best Animation, Heartstrings, a cute glimpse into the lives of two knit puppets whose hearts are tied together with string.

A special award was given this year for Best Film Society, based on outstanding achievements in promoting and facilitating filmmaking in a UK university. This year’s award to the University of Westminister was greeted with great enthusiasm from the many U of W students present, whose passion for student filmmaking I have certainly perceived these past two days, as well as that of the students at the University of Bristol.

Tomorrow is the National Student Film Association AGM. I’ll be there to introduce myself and to say why I think I am best qualified to be the new Chairperson of the NSFA.  A screening of all the winning films – some of which I have not seen – will follow, and reviews will be posted.

– Taylor Lockhart-Lang


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