Screentest nominations

While it’s impossible to see all of the over 50 films screened at Screentest, I tried my best. I saw 23 Screentest shorts today, plus one Oscar nominated short. It’s been a great opportunity to view the best of short film, both BAFTA and Oscar nominees, which have added to my understanding of what makes a good short film. The nominations are in, and I’ll be reporting the winners from the awards ceremony later tonight. From what I’ve seen, here are my predictions:

King Cone – Nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Script, and Best Documentary. The film records an interview with the man who holds the world record for collecting rode cones. Entertaining, funny, and surprisingly emotive. The audience in the course of a few minutes, develops an affection for the collector… and his rode cones.

Bearsack – To my astonishment, this very well executed short documentary – possibly my favorite of the festival so far – was not nominated for any awards. The film follows a woman with Aspergers Syndrome and her teddy bear backpack who she calls Bearsack. Ventriloquizing through Bearsack helps her avoid sensory overload, and to say things to people that her inability to perceive social cues would otherwise not allow.

Glumdaclitch – Nominated for Best Animation. This film ‘illustrates’ the dating life of a very tall woman.

Let’s Think – Not nominated, but a smart comedy about over thinking and under thinking. Three hit-men make a perfectly thought out plan to kill their mark in a very soon to be demolished building, where no body or evidence will ever be found. Everything is going according to plan – until they discover they’re trapped. The only way for them to get out, is for the rest of their perfect plan to go wrong.

Stay tuned for coverage of the Screentest awards ceremony tonight!

– Taylor Lockhart-Lang


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