Pocahontas in space?

Students give Michele Giovia their thoughts on James Cameron’s Avatar

James Cameron’s epic science-fiction film Avatar has taken box offices by storm, becoming the world’s highest grossing movie of all time.

Using innovate RealD 3D technology, the most expensive film ever made transports audiences to the fictional moon Pandora in 2154, where humans clash with Pandora’s native Navi people in order to mine the hilariously-named mineral unobtanium. Cameron chronicles the transformation of former marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who takes on a Navi avatar in order to better understand, and manipulate, them.

This cinematic phenomenon has become the first film ever to earn over  $2 billion, and held the number one spot in the US for eight consecutive weeks. Avatar‘s international appeal did not pass over St Andrews, of course! Here’s what students had to say about the record-breaker:

Avatar‘s nomination[s] were probably the result of a very expensive (and political) campaign that would be difficult for other productions – possibly more deserving of such nominations – to replicate.”
-Helen Amiri, Film Studies and IR, 4th Year

“I was impressed by the visuals (I saw it in 3D), but it had been built up too much and the film couldn’t fall back on plot or acting.”                                                            -Emily Gerbner, English, 4th Year

“Though much criticism has been made over the basics of the film’s plot, I think that a complicated story line along with Avatar‘s overarching messages concerning imperialism, global warming and pantheism wouldve overwhelmed the audience.”
-Zuleika Cheatle-Conte, IR and History, 4th Year

“I really enjoyed the visuals and I thought the imaginative idea from Cameron was very impressive. Unfortunately I thought the characters were unmemorable and that the plot was predictable.”
-Nat Warner, Maths, 3rd Year

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  1. Well… that’s quiet interessting but to be honest i have a hard time seeing it… wonder what others have to say..

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