The Saint goes to the Glasgow Film Festival!

When compared to the more established and grown-up film festivals of Europe (Cannes, Berlin etc.), Glasgow’s appears to be a relative fetus.  Now in its sixth year, the festival is nonetheless an event which continues to grow in both popularity and influence.  With films ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to Japanese indies, it seems that Glasgow caters to all tastes. Along with a series of guests such as James Earl Jones and Emma Thompson, the two-week long extravaganza also includes an annual retrospective, which this year will be dedicated to the films of Cary Grant.

This weekend I will be heading to Glasgow on behalf of The Saint for my first real film festival experience.  I’m not really sure what to expect: five films in the space of two days seem like quite a lot in my opinion. I keep thinking of this book I read as a child called The Boy With Square Eyes, which warned youngsters against the ill effects of too much T.V. Such are the risks which must be taken in this line of work.

As I will be firmly embedded in the cinema for most of the weekend I doubt whether I will have any opportunity to add to the blog.  A full report of the festival will be posted at some point early next week. Check back for the latest in Scottish and international cinema!

– Ross Dickie    



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