Today there are no more films.

Today, there are no more films. The festival has ended. The 15, 000 euro prize went to Agua Fria De Mar and to two other films that I didn’t have a chance to see.

I thought instead I could say something about my impression of Rotterdam – without photos for now, but I have been taking some AND a couple videos of random things. I will split it into sections: sights and things to do, transport, my hostel, food.

Sights and things to do

Rotterdam is a very big place. I didn’t know this before I came- I thought it would be more like Amsterdam but it is very tall! All the buildings are very tall. The architecture is interesting- wavy/hexagonal/ strange rooftops/ the interior of one cinema looked like if you get a piece of paper and then fold it in half and then cut the line through the fold and then unfold (does that make sense?) but all over. Origami walls. Rotterdam won some kind of world culture award in 2003.

As for things to do, I really don’t know because mostly I’ve been watching films. I looked it up and there are a whole bunch of maritime museums (Rotterdam is a huge port) but I’m not really interested in that so didn’t go. I read about this pancake cruise where you get on the boat and go for a wee ride and eat a lot of pancakes. I was thinking of doing that. The shops are OK-nothing particularly exciting – I was shopping a bit but only to pass time and I didn’t buy anything because the exchange rate is crap and I’m poor.


Very confusing! Seemingly simple–metro/bus/tram oyster card situation going on. But no one will sell you the card. You ask and they say ‘what? what are you talking about? buy a ticket!’ Very unhelpful. Also: the ticket machines only take coins so you have to carry around, like 10 euro worth of coins to be able to use the machines.

Once you know how to work the things, transport is not that hard. The metro has a lot of graffiti on it. There are signs everywhere ‘do not graffitti’ (I’m guessing this is what it says) and then a scribbly mess everywhere. If it was art that would be ok, but when someone writes in huge letters ‘LOL’ it’s ugly.

They have these really great escalators that are sensor-activated. I don’t know why it thrills me to get on the escalator and it start but it does.

My Hostel

I have been living in the ‘kijk kubus’ cube houses at the waterfront. They are giant yellow cubes joined together. They are pretty cool.


I have only sampled one dutch meal and it was in McDonalds. Apparently, Holland is the only place in the world where they sell ‘McKroket’. It looks like a burger but it isn’t. It has a strange spicy sauce- possibly horse radish? and a crusty exterior. It may have had meat in it but I’m not sure. It wasn’t horrible but I won’t be having one again. I can see why they didn’t catch on.

– Flossie Topping


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