I just experienced the amazing Pepperminta from the Swiss video artist Pipilotti Rist, entered into the festival Cinema Reloaded program, a selection which experiments with digital cinema to create new techniques and push the boundaries of what can be shown.  I say experience because I had thought the film would have English subtitles; it didn’t so I couldn’t understand the dialogue, but I didn’t feel like I was missing out on that much because the impact of the film came from the stunning visual effects rather than the narrative.  It was the most colourful film I have ever seen. It was a psychedelic ‘colour explosion’ and the world became a kaleidoscope of every colour of the rainbow; the sky was turned shocking pink with acid yellow clouds while a girl danced with a giant bunch of balloons and it raining confetti.  It had a dizzying effect as the camera swung upside down and round in circles and underwater and then became flowers that were picked and eaten and spat out. 

The film’s hero ‘Pepperminta’ resembles Pippi Long stockings; she has long red pig tails and big blue eyes and wears brightly coloured military costumes with tassels. Strawberries are her friends and she collects her menstrual blood in a silver goblet in a mini fridge, which she makes her friends drink. She makes potions in her potion room and gets naked all the time. She runs around town licking people’s cars and doorbell’s and covering people in paint and making friends who she dresses up in coloured military costumes. In one scene, her and her posse invade a prestigious restaurant and make new dishes of blue spaghetti and pig cooked in lego blocks with a crown of sunflowers. The hallucinegenic trip is confusing to watch but had a playful and energetic likeable quality to it. It has to be seen to be appreciated. You can watch the trailer to get more of an idea.

– Flossie Topping


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