Films of the day

So I’ve seen two films today and I’m about to go to another one in 15 minutes. La Vie au Ranch was fantastic and I’ve just about written a review of it, still needs a bit of tweaking though so I won’t put it up just yet. The second film I saw, Symbol, was very strange. A man wakes up in a white room wearing yellow polka dot pyjamas and a load of cherubs come out of the walls and then disappear leaving only their penises sticking out of the walls and the man presses some of the penises and strange things happen like sushi being thrown at him and rope swings and deck chairs. Then it cut to a story about a wrestler called ‘Tequila Joe’ who was being driven across the desert by a rock loving, chain smoking, nun to go and fight ‘Éscargot man’. Then back to the strangewhite room and the man was flying; there were feathers everywhere and he was controlling the universe by pushing cherub penises. I think there was a deep metaphor in there somewhere I just couldn’t find it. Anyway, now I’m going to see Les Signes Vitaux which is apparently about terminal illness; some nice light fare to fill my afternoon. Fun times indeed.

– Flossie Topping


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