Mash-up Roundup, Exam Edition

So, you should be studying right now. And so should I.  But instead, I’m going to help you procrastinate with just one mash-up that you can watch on your “study breaks” to relax and get motivated.  It’s beginning to dawn on all of us that there will be no epic snowstorm that will cancel our exams, but this small sequence may provide a tiny bit of relief.

Failure is not an option!
If this little mash-up of inspirational film speeches doesn’t motivate you to go and sit in that ugly library and decide “I’m going to stay right here, and fight for this lost cause,” nothing will.  Artist Matthew Belinkie mashes together compelling words from a  host of cheesy Hollywood climaxes, mainly involving men motivating other men to save the world.  The funny build-up, including such cut-together phrases as “let us cut out their living guts, one inch at a time,”  culminates in a stream of victorious moments from the likes of Free Willy, Cool Runnings, and best of all, the old-school animated version of The Grinch. The Peter Pan  snippet and the jump in score for Independence Day are a bit jarring, but  Belinkie gets bonus points for the stereotypical strings that tie the clips together, and choosing two St Andrews favourites: The Muppets and Jimmy Stewart railing against something.*  Watch it until you’ve built up enough gumption to turn off your laptop, face the cold and drag yourself to your study group, and watch it again when your attention span begins to wane.   Listen to the coach when he tells you: “I guarantee there won’t be a day in your life you won’t regret walking out and letting [exams] get the best of you.”  Victory or death! Failure is not an option!  Never surrender!  You can read the full text of the speech here.   I petition that this be made the official anthem of fourth years.

– Katie Meyer

*As in It’s a Wonderful Life, but this clip is from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and dammit, if Mr. Smith can make it all the way to Washington, I can make it to the library.


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