Mash-up Roundup, Pre-Holiday Essay Edition

Dissertation due soon? Need something to do while waiting for the library’s one printer to spit out your essay? Procrastinate with this week’s collection of the best of online cinema. The videos include short films, animations and movie mash-ups made by independent artists for online, most of them from YouTube and Vimeo. The new movie mash-up genre emerging online does for cinema what remixes did for music: it puts creative control in the hands of the user, and allows everyday people to become artists by reappropriating manufactured images and sound for their own means. Still in its very early days, the videos can’t avoid the pitfalls of amateur composition, like grinding repetitiveness, and using non-mashed-up soundtracks (that’s cheating!). Some of it’s music and some of it’s narrative, but it’s all supremely entertaining and an excellent way to avoid doing actual work.

1. There was no driver in the car.
“The Golden Age of Video,” an intense, dance-beat version of Faucault’s infamous theory on the death of the author that has troubled arts students for decades. The short mash-up, edited by Ricardo Autobahn, gleefully destroys the meaning of all of the movie clips it splices together, refashioning famous lines into a catchy poem that can have no author but you, the viewer. As the song says, “there are two things I love in life: everybody and television.” Bringing these two things together, as well as cinema from as far back as the 1930s, all-encompassing mash-ups like this one are perfect for both cinéphiles and people who just want a good beat for their next party. Skip the first 15 seconds and repeat as necessary.

2. Pineapple Express
So, that last mash-up was pretty intense.  To relax a bit, get thrown down the rabbit hole by Fagottron’s “Alice,” one of the most popular mash-ups on the internet with over 4 million views.  Using only fragments of the Alice in Wonderland movie, the artist has created a trippy song and kind of beautiful video that is, perhaps, the closest thing on YouTube to smoking a lot of weed.  Any chill dinner party playlist is incomplete without this track, and could benefit from Fagottron’s other works—”Expialidocious” for those who enjoy techno reverb, and “Alohomora” for shameless Harry Potter fans.

3. The Amateur
Your favourite lines have been made into some of the most popular mash-ups on YouTube, including DaJugglingFool’s “Why is the Rum Gone? Remix” with 5.7 million views.  In the mash-up the Pirates of the Caribbean line university students are most able to relate to has been turned into a repetitive, yet highly amusing song starring Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.  An excellent song to blast the next time you run out of booze past Tesco’s closing time.

4. And now it’s time to get off your laptop.
This clever, depressing little animation should give you the push you need to get back to work and off YouTube.

– Katie Meyer


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